Who's the Sherpa?

Who's the Sherpa?

I'm Sonia, the Cultures Sherpa.
I'm a multiculturalist and polyglot who has lived around the Mediterrean. I merge my passions with problem solving skills to bring solutions to cultural issues, may they be on a personal or a corporate level.

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My story

I'm an uncontrollable polyglot, avid traveller, and a lover of cultures and learning. Multiculturalism has been a part of me all my life, and so it mixed up with what I do. I've lived in several countries bathed by all the sides of the Mediterranean (except for Germany), where I've discovered the multilayered faces of identity, the complexity of human beings, and become passionate about what we carry on our backpacks as societies. Not being able to be anything but myself, I am offering my passions and knowledge to you, passing on what I've learnt on the way.

Why this website

The Cultures Sherpa is born with the intention to merge several aspects of cultural and social interest, always with the concept of solving human problems and bringing more understanding. It is a tent of expression, sharing, learning, and expanding - where I am bringing you everything I've learnt in my peregrinations and wandering.

How can I help

If you find yourself in a setting where intercultural comprehension, empathy, and empowerment of diverse people is needed (cultural projects, social situations, HR and office teams), feel free to get in touch to see how your current (or future) needs can be solved.

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